The Jewel in the Crown of Cuba Street

by | Mar 24, 2021 | architectural visualisation

Prestigious jobs are always great to win. Not only does it help raise the profile of the company but also helps to put a skip in the step of the whole team. So when we
secured the DAS and AVR imagery for Ballymore’s 47 storey residential tower in the heart of Canary Wharf we were unashamedly stoked.

An elegant residential building, designed by Morris + Company, clad entirely in stainless steel, bar a pink stone plinth at ground level. The vertical elements,
perforated in places, form integral privacy screens when intersecting balconies whilst also concealing a backlit light feature illuminating an iconic ‘crown’ for the tower at night.

The Jewel in the Crown of Cuba Street architectural visualisation

Immersive 360° AVR Imagery

26 Accurate Visual Representations were required in and around the site to satisfy the Visual Impact Assessment, incorporating no less than 28 cumulative schemes.
10 of the more sensitive views were commissioned as virtual viewpoints, something we have been championing for a few years now. The 360° view points allow for a
complete and unfettered appraisal of each vantage point, something which is unachievable through 2D photo composition.

The Jewel in the Crown of Cuba Street architectural visualisation

Dynamic DAS Imagery

With a request to explore the materiality of the tower and the impact of the illuminated crown within the imagery our ambition was always to get up above the
river to capture the unobstructed light cast upon the western facade. A unique vantage point above the river allowed us to suspend time and capture some stunning
panoramic views of London in multiple lighting scenarios satisfying the brief in full.

The Power of Moving Imagery

Suspending time through elevated 36 0 s gives a fantastic opportunity to study the scheme’s materiality and its future impact on Canary Wharf. However, it would be remiss of us to not also take advantage of the opportunity to capture moving imagery. A powerful addition to the static collateral, moving imagery gives an extra dimension, a kinetic perspective. Showcasing how the reflectivity of the facade shifts as the viewing angle changes throughout the day.

The Full Creative Suite

Cuba Street is a fine example of the utilisation of different imaging techniques for maximum effect. By capturing viewpoints in 360 we can evaluate the true impact the scheme is going to have on its neighbourhood. By using a drone to elevate the vantage point we can contextualize the tower both within the cluster and London at large whilst being able to study the impact of light on the scheme, and by using animation we can experience how the materials tone and colour change with movement and exposure to different times of the day.

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